Amazing Cabinet Results

Amazing Cabinet Results

I get this question a lot and I have the products to make it happen.   "How do I paint my kitchen cabinets?"  Let me take you through the process with Fusion Mineral Paint.  I purchased a door from my local Habitat Thrift Store.  It had a shiny finish and I was ready!


The Before

I wiped down the cabinet door with a degreaser.  I use LA's Totally Awesome Multi-Surface Cleaner (Dollar Tree).  I wipd down this door to make sure it was clear of any oils and dirt.  I did a final wipe down of the door with a damp shop towel to "rinse" off the cleaner.  From there, I taped a "racing stripe" down the middle with painter's tape. I put 1 coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Ultra Grip on both sides, and let the Ultra Grip dry 24 hours.  

It's time to paint.  For this demonstration, I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Champness (L) and Homestead Blue (R), and an oval brush from Staalmeester Brushes. 

I did a second coat on the Champness and only 1 coat was needed on the Homestead Blue, although I would recommend 2 coats for all colors (at least).



I let it dry completely and removed the tape.  Voila - a completed example of these wonderful products (Ultra Grip, Staalmeester brush, Champness and Homestead Blue colors).  No brush marks and a smooth finish.   


I love these products and I will have a lot of projects to try.  What are some of your dilemnas on painting and not sure what to use?  

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