The Small Bookcase in Need of a New Look


This small bookcase was a great find.  I stumbled upon it at my local Habitat for Humanity Store, and it was loaded in the car and home we went.  This bookcase was solid wood, but needed an update.  So, after cleaning, removing the "drawer tab holders", filling the holes, removing the back, inspecting, and cleaning, we were ready to make it great again.  Hubby squared off the bottom and then it was time for a good scuff sanding and a great paint in the color of Coal Black from Fusion Mineral Paint.  After 2 coats of Coal Black, all it needed was a new back and some small circle feet.  I love the way it turned out.  Then the question of selling or keeping - this is the part where the hubby frowns.  Decision was made to get it to a new home.  

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