The smell was strong - just not in a bad way

The smell was strong - just not in a bad way

This was a great find from our local Habitat Store.  Brought it home and already knew where this was going.  After further review, we realized the piece had a very strong smell, but not in a bad way.  It was perfume - an older perfume.  I went through the process of trying to remove the smell with Febreeze inside the cabinet and baking soda in the drawers, and while that helped, it did not remove the smell all together.  Next step, Kilz.  I sprayed the "primer" inside the cabinet with 2 coats, and I continued to work on the drawers with a baking soda paste and wiping down.  It worked.  Now let the rehab begin.  The cabinet was flat to the floor and needed legs.  We purchased these poplar bun feet from our local home improvement store.  

Next the hardware - I love the design of these pulls, however, not the color I needed.  So, I painted them in a silver metallic and they turned out great!  

Now it's time to work on the base, and yes, it was a lot of sanding. I would love the "no sanding" option that most paints give you; however, I don't want to take the chance of the time I think I am saving end up needing to re-do the entire piece again and ultimately sanding.  So, let's sand.  I cleaned the piece with a TSP alternative from Fusion Mineral Paint, sanded with 100 grit, 150 grit and finished with 180 grit.  I wiped down the surfaces each time I changed the sandpaper.  It was ready!  I do love to spray most of my projects; however, this one was going to be brushed (and rolled).  I did 3 coats (and light sanded between each coat) with Fusion Mineral Paint in the color of Sea Side.  I used a Jacobean Varathane on the top with 2 coats and light sand in between.  Finished off the poplar feet with Fusion Mineral Paint in the color of Chocolate. I can't say enough about the Zibra brushes.  These brushes are economical and a great tool!  The roller and microfiber roler from Fusion Mineral Paint made the job go a bit quicker, and the coverage was excellent.  So happy with the result. 

Fusion Mineral Paint products and Zibra brushes can be found in my online store at  



Here's the final result in my "beach-themed" Guest Room.

Now, it's time for another project!  


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This is an amazing transformation! Well done!

Connie Bruse

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