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Chalky South Home Decor

FMP Decoupage & Transfer Gel

FMP Decoupage & Transfer Gel

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Try our Decoupage & Transfer Gel for incredible decor ideas! Create beautiful decoupage or transfer images onto virtually any surface. This two-in-one product is easy to use and allows for some beautiful effects.  (250 ml)

Application Tool Brush
Location Interior surfaces
Re-coat Time 2-6 hrs
Dry Time 2-6 hrs
Top Coat Not required-however any topcoat can be applied if desired.
Clean Up Water
Coverage 35 sq. ft.
Finish/Sheen Matte
Recommended Uses Decoupage textiles onto a surface; transfer a printed image onto a surface
Can Be Applied To Fabric, Metal, Painted surfaces. Non-oil, no-wax surfaces.
Can Be Painted Over Yes
How to Prep Apply to a clean, wax or oil-free surface
Cure Time 21 Days
Maintenance/ Cleaning Clean as required, mild soap and water.
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