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FMP Staalmeester Oval Brush - 2 sizes

FMP Staalmeester Oval Brush - 2 sizes

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Staalmeester brushes are suitable for both synthetic and water-based paints.  This oval shape allows for a smooth transition between horizontal flat and vertical surfaces.  Perfect size for both large and small projects. 

This oval-shaped brush features the Staalmeester blend of fine synthetic bristles along with shorter, natural bristles--the best of both worlds!

Each Staalmeester brush has a beautiful beechwood handle and striking copper ferrule.  The bright orange string surrounds the base of the bristles and keeps them tight and in shape.

Clean your Staalmeester brush immediately after use by rinsing thoroughly with warm water, then hanging to dry. 

Medium Oval #40 is 42mm

Large Oval #45 is 48mm

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