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FMP Staalmeester Brushes - The One Series

FMP Staalmeester Brushes - The One Series

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The Staalmeester is the Rolls Royce of Brushes.

Staalmeester® brushes are handcrafted using sustainably FSC wood, with the finest craftsmanship by a company that has been making brushes for 70 years in Europe.

Made with the finest bristles this brush if cleaned well will last a lifetime! One-time investment, a lifetime of satisfaction, and beautiful results.

Handcrafted, quality, professional results - The 1 and only brushes you will ever need. We all know your tools are one of the keys to success. Staalmeester® coupled with Fusion is a match made in heaven.

The synthetic finest bristle works the best with Fusion and helps eliminate brushstroke, holds and lays the paint on your surface with a beautiful flow.

Staalmeester® The one Series. This high-quality hand-made line of products is provided with a new special Staalmeester® synthetic fiber in our recognizable color that with its high paint absorption and elasticity approaches original sable hair.

Every brush with its own specific use for the sublime streak-free application of water-based and synthetic paints and topcoats!

Staalmeester Paintbrush trusted quality.  |
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